About Us

Clarity Mortgage believes that the customer should never lose focus of two things:

“What is your interest rate, and what are the fees you are paying?”

Everything else in the lending industry is designed to take your focus off of these two critical items.

Whether you are a first time homebuyer, buying again with excellent or lower credit, Clarity Mortgage welcomes you to “do your homework” and compare Clarity Mortgage to any one else.

Clarity Mortgage is a team of professionals that are in your corner during the entire loan process.

  • Have you ever closed a loan for a home before and felt like no one was in your corner?
  • Did the title company, real estate agent or lender seem to really focus on your needs?
  • Did the transaction become clearer as time went by, or was it filled with confusing and conflicting information?
  • Did you get updates throughout the process?

At Clarity Mortgage, we strive to promote “Clarity” for you and your family throughout the entire process.

  • Our exceptional team will work with your real estate agent, and the title company to ensure that your needs are understood and met.
  • You can expect your phone calls and emails to be returned promptly. We are a warm and friendly team that is happy to answer your questions.

Loan product availability is subject to many factors including loan amount and qualification of borrower. Not every applicant qualifies or is eligible for every loan program. Some loan products may not be available in all states in which the company holds licenses. Loan approval, note rate and annual percentage rate (“APR”) are dependent on factors including, but not limited to: loan program selected, credit, collateral, income, assets and overall financial history. Not all applicants will be approved for a loan. All loan programs, terms, and interest rates are subject to change without notice.

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